Create Your Private Social Network

Your Relationship with mainstream Social Networks

These days mainstream social networks have literally started owning your life and your data. Users trust their promises of privacy and get betrayed time and again.

Everything you share online becomes the (content) property of the social network where you are the captive content producer being used to get many other people engaged with the network.

Your both your content and personal data is also sold to third-party firms to monetize on their terms. You can also be shut out of the social network at any time and they get to keep all your content!

It is time you took back control. But you cannot do so when you use something for free... that is when you offer all your content and data to someone else with no control!

Creating a Private social network

The Sandstorm software lets you use one of 70+ apps to create web services / app work spaces.

Here are some examples:

  • Uploading and sharing files, pics and movies with the Davros (file storage) app
  • Planning events with the Wekan (kanban board) or Ethercalc (spreadsheet) apps
  • Chat with other using the Rocket.Chat app
  • Play online games with apps such as Go, Duoludo, etc.
  • Use the Collection app to share all your social network grains together

You get the idea!

Your Content In Your Control

Create, Use, Share, and Dispose grains whenever you want to. Launch a Wekan grain to plan a birthday party and trash it when you're done! Share pics using a Davros grain and trash it when you do not wish to share any more.

You can invite guest users and define their access at any time. Remove their access by deleting their invite link (token).

When you don't need your content & data online you can download each grain for later restoration.

Only your user account has access to your data and you don't answer to anyone!

Signup for a Sandstorm user account

Use 70+ apps to setup one or more private social networks.

Sandstorm is an open-source project aiming to fundamentally change the way we use web apps for personal or group use, led by ex-Google-engineer Kenton Varda. Meet the team at and support the project at

iWebz Cloud hosting offers cloud-hosted Sandstorm user accounts for users without the means to setup a self-hosted Sandstorm server.

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