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Sync Files, Contacts, Calendars

ownCloud system is also used by the Govt. of India with a major role in the DigiLocker project

Securely access important files from anywhere

Your Private Cloud For Your Private Work Files


Drop files into the sync folder on your computer to save them online. Keep Documents, Photos, Audio clips and more synced between all devices. Its so easy!


Anytime access to your PC files & folders using the smartphone app, desktop client, or a web browser. Use your files wherever you are.


Share your files with others, and give them access to your document, photos, music, or anything else you want them to see. Share it publicly, or privately. It is your data!


Securely store your files online with end-to-end encryption for both file transfers as well as cloud storage. No one but you or people you share with can access your file contents.


Get your account as soon as you sign up. Download the PC sync app and start using your storage immediately. No delays in setup, and no waiting!


Very affordable plans with convenient online payment options for India such as Cards issued by Indian banks, NetBanking, BHIM/UPI, and Digital Wallets.

Plans & Pricing

ownCloud Trial
14 days

2GB Storage for 14 days (cannot be renewed)

Ideal for testing our service

ownCloud 50G
per month

50GB Storage (can be renewed monthly)

Ideal for syncing PCs

ownCloud 100G
per month

100GB Storage (can be renewed monthly)

Ideal for syncing PCs

All the good stuff you get with your ownCloud account…

  • Sync your work files across unlimited PCs as soon as modified on one PC (similar to Google Drive)
  • Super-fast file storage on Amazon AWS infrastructure located within India
  • Secure end-to-end file encryption with 128-bit AES TLS encryption during data transfer, and 256-bit AES file encryption in cloud storage
  • Securely share files with passwords and time-based link expiry
  • Share files & folders with users on different ownCloud-based services/servers
  • Advanced Web File Manager that works on Mobile & PC
  • Free PC file sync apps for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux PCs
  • Official and third-party mobile apps for phones & tablets (Android + iOS)

BONUS freebie 1 Sync unlimited Contacts across devices using CardDAV apps

BONUS freebie 2 Sync unlimited Calendar events across devices using CalDAV apps

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