launch and manage your own web services without coding

Cloud-Hosted Sandstorm Software To Build Your Own Cloud

Get a ready-to-use, privacy-enabled, secure platform to launch and enjoy your personal web services.

Use it for your business or as a smart family tool. This system has built-in world-class security.

Use it to work together online on projects, or setup separate online services for individual family/team members.

iWebz handles the hard hosting stuff — software patching/upgrading, 24x7 server ops & security, build systems, failovers, and more.

Launch any number of web services you need:

  • Websites/blogs
  • Wikis/documentation portals
  • Online surveys
  • Online chats
  • File storage services
  • and many other functions

...from a single platform.

You are limited only by the processor (CPU), RAM and storage limits on your cloud hosting plan.

Switch On, Switch Off, Share, Remove

Easy Personal & Business Cloud Services

Some Personal Use Examples

  • Plan family events such as trips and parties
  • Share files and photos with friends & family
  • Chat privately with far away friends & family
  • Play games with friends for passing time
  • Publish web pages and files online
  • Plan personal/family finances
  • Poll friends and family for opinions
  • Access same files across your devices

Some Business Use Examples

  • Plan business projects and assign tasks
  • Share files with colleagues/clients
  • Chat privately with colleagues/clients
  • Create online presentations with ease
  • Work together on documents/spreadsheets
  • Create online polls for colleagues/prospects
  • Publish web pages and files online
  • Move files from one device to another
  • Create forms to generate website enquiries

Start with a ready system with pre-installed apps

iwebz pre-installed sandstorm apps

Davros lets you drag-and-drop files and entire folders to quickly backup important files privately. Easily setup many more file storages that you can use to store your own files in the cloud or share with others. See: Using Davros file storage app in Sandstorm

Rocket.Chat lets you setup multiple chats within groups of users and invited guests. You can even use it as Live Chat with your own website.

Wekan is a collaborative kanban board app that lets you setup multiple planning boards for groups of invited users and guests for planning projects and assigning tasks.

Etherpad is an online text document app where a group of users and invited guests can edit it together in real-time for projects such as an article, reports, etc. See: Collaborating in real-time on text documents using Etherpad in Sandstorm

Ethercalc is an online spreadsheet app where a group of users and invited guests can edit it together in real-time for planning, data aggregation and sharing.

Hacker Slides app lets you create simple mark-down based online presentations in minutes and a group of users and invited guests can contribute to it. See: Create Online Presentations (Web Slides) using Hacker Slides in Sandstorm

Collections lets you create a workspace for each project with multiple app functionalities and share it with groups of invited users or guests. See: Using Collections to share Sandstorm grains

Simply add more apps to do more

Choose from more than 70 apps and keep adding functionalities without any coding.

Unique features...

You will not see these features anywhere else

Single Sign-on

Once you sign into Sandstorm, all your apps know who you are. No need to sign in to each one individually and remember dozens of passwords.

Unified sharing control

You can share any Sandstorm "grain" (such as a document or a chat room) with your friends or teammates using one common sharing interface.

70+ apps

Sandstorm official app market has apps for document editing, chat, task management, file storage, email, music playing, code hosting, forums, games, and more.


Search across all your data from all apps in one place.

Backup and Restore

You can download a ZIP backup of any grain with one click. Upload to restore whenever you need.

Real-Time Collaboration

Invite guest users and work together on documents, spreadsheets, websites, plans, drawings, uploading/downloading files, etc. in real-time.

See a complete list of features on the official Sandstorm software website.

Plans & Pricing

per month

10GB SSD storage for grains (including grains in Trash)

Add UNLIMITED Guest Users

All Apps Available FREE

Instantly Available FREE

Email Notifications & Invites*: Unlimited FREE

CPU & RAM: Shared

Cancel at any time**

* Email sending facility is for system notifications and your guest invites to shared grains. We currently provide this for free using the domain.
** Your subscription plan will automatically renew unless cancelled.

All Sandstorm services are hosted using Sandstorm software on reliable Amazon AWS resources within India. text logo powered by Amazon AWS

7-Day FREE Trial

Try a full-featured Sandstorm user account absolutely risk-free! As a first-time user, if you don't like our service over the 7 day trial period, simply cancel your subscription plan and we will not bill you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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