launch and manage your own web services without coding

Ready, Secure, Dedicated

Setup and launch unlimited web services such as:

  • Websites/blogs
  • Wikis/documentation portals
  • Online surveys
  • Online chats
  • Cloud file storage accounts
  • and many other functions

...from a single system dedicated to your usage.

Use it for your business or as a smart family tool. This system has built-in world-class security.

Use the Sandstorm system to collaborate online on projects, or setup separate online services for individual team members.

You are limited only by the processor (CPU), RAM and storage limits on your cloud hosting.

These slides are being served via the Hacker Slides app on a Sandstorm server.

Start with a ready system with pre-installed apps

iwebz pre-installed sandstorm apps

Davros lets you setup multiple file storage accounts that you can use to store your files in the cloud.

Rocket.Chat lets you setup multiple chats within groups of invited users and guests. You can even use it as Live Chat with your website.

Wekan is a collaborative kanban board application that lets you setup multiple planning boards for groups of invited users and guests.

Collections lets you create a workspace for each project with multiple app functionalities and share it with groups of invited users or guests.

Simply add more apps to do more

Choose from more than 65 apps and keep adding functionalities without any coding.

Try a Sandstorm system demo

Learn how to launch services from a dedicated Sandstorm system.

Plans & Pricing

SS Micro
+GST@18% per month

Recommended for upto 10 users

1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB disk storage*

FREE: 300 email notifications**

SS Medium
+GST@18% per month

Recommended for upto 50 users

2vCPU, 4GB RAM, 20GB disk storage*

FREE: 300 email notifications**

*10GB usable disk storage for file storage via Sandstorm. Additional disk storage available at ₹1000+GST@18% per 10GB per month inclusive of upload and download data transfer and storage costs. Disk storage once upgraded cannot be downgraded.
**Required for system notifications and sent using the domain. Additional emails using our email service will be charged at ₹0.07+GST@18% per sent email and billed separately. To remove these limits, we can instead use your SMTP server/relay access, if you already have one. Email delivery is affected by many factors which are beyond our control, hence, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages arising out of non-delivery of notification emails.

All clients are hosted by iWebz using Amazon AWS resources within India.

Frequently Asked Questions

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