quick survey online forms and online polls

Quick Survey and Sandstorm: Create Online Forms and Online Polls Quickly and Easily

Online Forms and Online Polls

During your life and career there are many times you will feel the need to ask people for their opinion or inputs to make better decisions or take more informed actions.

The most common reason for using an online poll is usually about wanting to know what others think about a product you intend to buy or create.

You may also want others to contact you or provide information in a structured manner without having to reveal your contact details. This is the most common reason for using online forms.

Creating an online form or online poll lets you send others a link to fill-in the information you are requesting. You can then analyse the collected information and take the necessary action.

Quick Survey and Sandstorm

Quick Survey is a Sandstorm app that lets you create online forms and online polls very easily without any tech-knowledge:

quick survey online forms and online polls results

  1. Quickly setup online forms and online polls (grains) on-demand to gather information for your decisions or actions.
  2. Enjoy enterprise-grade security built-in to Sandstorm for private and controlled shared access.
  3. Download and analyse collected information as a CSV file in any spreadsheet app like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.
  4. Backup and transfer each grain with files and folder structure to any Sandstorm server. Movement of your data is always in your control.
  5. Trash the online form or online poll grains when not needed.

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Quick Survey is an open-source app for quickly building and releasing online polls by Simon Vansintjan. This simple tool can also be used to build forms to collect inputs. It only works within the Sandstorm system.

Sandstorm is an open-source project aiming to fundamentally change the way we use web apps for personal or group use, led by ex-Google-engineer Kenton Varda. Meet the team at https://github.com/orgs/sandstorm-io/people and support the project at https://sandstorm.io

iWebz Cloud hosting offers cloud-hosted Sandstorm user accounts for users without the means to setup a self-hosted Sandstorm server.