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EC2 Launchers

One-Click Launchers for ready-to-use Cloud Servers with or without pre-installed Web Apps

EC2 launcher options

EC2 Launchers

EC2 launchers launch as t2.micro EC2 instance type (AWS free tier eligible) with AWS EBS storage for disks, plus AWS Elastic IP setup, and a Security Group setup with recommended firewall settings. You also get a PEM Key issued and attached to the EC2 instance for SSH access. 

Unlimited re-launches are included free of cost.**

First launch is Free, $4.99 per launch for others

/Sign-Up to Use Sign-up is free! No payment details required.
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Simple interface to launch On-Demand Amazon EC2 instances with minimal selections.


No additional devices or software required. Just sign-in and Launch using any desktop or mobile!


Launch in minutes on a high-reliability Amazon EC2 instance and start using your cloud server right away!

One-Click EC2 Launcher FAQ

EC2 launchers are intended for use by developers and system/server admins who want to save time when launching and setting up Amazon EC2 instances with popular self-hosted web apps or technology stacks.

Using the  launcher only needs TWO things at your end:
1. An active AWS user account. Signup is free. Know More
2. Atleast one Access Key ID and Secret Access Key setup for your AWS account. See Instructions

One-Click EC2 Launcher is meant to simplify deployment of Web App servers as EC2 instances in your AWS Cloud account. This launcher only needs you to choose the the AWS region where you want to deploy the EC2 instance with the corresponding AWS keys.

We do not need to offer application-level or platform-level support as most are open-source, and each one either has a support team to contact, a documentation wiki/site to read, or online support forum where you can get answers to your queries online.

We have a few free EC2 launchers that you can use free of cost to test our service. There are no limitations on the instances launched from the free launchers.

The rest have a tiny pay-per-launch fee which is nothing compared to the convenience you get and the time and expense you save.

Unlimited re-launches are included free of cost.**

See: One-Click EC2 Launcher Catalog

AWS usage fees are separate from our fee. Since the server(s) will be setup and deployed in your AWS user account, you will be billed directly by Amazon for AWS resource usage.

From India, you can pay EC2 launch fees using multiple methods such as Debit/Credit cards, Net Banking, Digital Wallets, or BHIM/UPI.

From outside India, you can pay EC2 launch fees using your Cards or your PayPal account balance.

The AWS marketplace is meant for an advanced users with an understanding of EC2 types, the firewall settings for Security Groups, EBS types, VPC setup, IAM User & Role selection, and other settings. This requires too much research for casual users just to setup an EC2 instance (cloud server).

Not all of our launchers are available for launch as AMIs in the AWS Marketplace. For some EC2 launchers we have custom setup scripts that run after the base AMI launch to give you a ready-to-use system with minimal input requirements and recommended settings. 

See: Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Our one-click EC2 launchers are so much simpler! With just the selection of AWS region and AWS key, the correct AMI is launched as an EC2 instance in the selected region, the SSH Key is setup for the instance, and recommended firewall settings are all setup behind the scenes.

UNLIMITED Re-launches

A re-launch means that you can terminate the launched EC2 instance and launch another one in it's place using the same parameters as the originally launched EC2 instance. This is useful if your instance did not launch as expected, or you want to start from the beginning.

We have no limit set on number of re-launches for both free and paid EC2 launchers.

This feature will not work if you have terminated/edited the original instance or any of it's configuration settings, or if you deleted the access key used to launch the original instance, or if you changed user policy permissions for that access key.


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